Need Help With An Adoption?

I am honored to provide valuable assistance in helping families in Des Moines and throughout Iowa welcome new children through adoption. We handle all types of adoption, and no matter the circumstances, we are prepared to guide you through the sometimes difficult and complex process of building your family through adoption.

Beside You Through The Entire Process

We will walk beside you through the entire process. We will work with you to formulate an adoption plan, gaining the formal approval of each person involved, including both biological parents. If a biological parent objects, we will do everything within our power to overcome the obstacle and bring all parties into agreement.

We assist clients who have met a birth mother willing to give her child up for adoption. We settle the legal issues upfront, allowing both parties to focus on the interpersonal concerns at play. We also provide representation for birth mothers.

From independent placement to guardianships, we assist families in all matters of adoption, including:

Re-adoption Many parents who have adopted a child overseas seek to re-adopt the child domestically to obtain an American birth certificate. While this process does not impact immigration status at all, it can make certain tasks, such as school enrollment, much easier.

Stepparent adoptions We represent both adopting stepparents and biological parents in the stepparent adoption process.

Termination Of Parental Rights

When necessary, we are prepared to assist families in seeking to terminate the parental rights of an individual when it is no longer appropriate for that person to be involved in the child’s life. We realize this process is difficult and will lend the legal guidance needed for an efficient resolution.

To arrange a free initial consultation with a skilled family law lawyer, please call us today at 515-288-3333 or use our online contact form.