Guidance In All Types Of Adoptions

The law office of Culp Law Office P.L.C., in Des Moines, has helped hundreds of couples fulfill their dream of starting or expanding their family through adoption.

Independent Placement (i.e., No Relation To Child)

Our lawyers can assist you step by step in taking the necessary steps to:

a) Complete the preplacement investigation process (the home study) which is generally required before a couple can adopt and assisting in locating a birth mother;

b) Once a birth mother has been located assisting you to form an adoption plan which complies with the requirements of Iowa adoption laws; we can also assist in locating the birth father;

c) Once the baby is born insuring that the birth parents’ parental rights are properly terminated; and helping you finalize the adoption.

Our office will assist you in all of the actions, with an eye toward making the process as stress-free as possible, both for you as our client and also the birth mother and birth father.

Open Adoption/Interstate Cases/International Adoptions

Were appropriate our family law attorneys can assist in completing an “open adoption:” where one or both biological parents desire to maintain some level of contact with the child. We also assist in cases involving the Inter-State Compact for Children. For parents who have adopted a child in another country, we can assist in the re-adopt process here in Iowa.

Stepparent Adoptions

For persons who’ve remarried and wish for their spouse to adopt their children we are prepared to assist them in the completion of a step-parent adoption. Step-parent adoptions are unique — if the parent to be terminated consents; we can terminate the rights of one of the biological parents and establish the step-parent in one unified legal proceeding.

In those instances where the other biological parent is not willing to cooperate, we can assist you in determining in whether a termination could be accomplished, notwithstanding the other biological parents resistance.

Meet With Our Knowledgeable Adoption Attorneys

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