Stopped In An Interstate Drug Bust?

If you have been stopped on the interstate or highway and are facing a drug charge, it is important to understand all the details related to your stop.

If the process by which the evidence was obtained violated the laws that protect your constitutional rights, that evidence cannot be used in the case against you. When you are stopped, it is critical to understand how and why, including the details related to:

  • The legality of the stop
  • The legality of the search of your vehicle, including issues related to:
    • Reasonable suspicion of criminal activity
    • Consent
    • Search incident to arrest
    • Probable cause
    • Automobile exception to the warrant requirement
    • Inventory search
  • Whether or not the officer adhered to procedure in conducting the stop, search and/or seizure

A drug conviction, even a minor one, can have a serious impact on a suspect’s livelihood and opportunities, from loans to leases to job prospects. A serious charge, such as possession with the intent to distribute, can lead to years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If you or a loved one is facing these issues, an experienced attorney is precisely what you need.

Thousands Of Drug Cases Resolved

If law enforcement agents did not have probable cause to search you, we can move to suppress this evidence and dismiss your criminal case. With more than 50 years of experience in thousands of drug cases, Culp Law Office P.L.C. has successfully represented many people accused of possessing or distributing illegal drugs. Our efforts have led to positive resolutions in many cases, including the dismissal, acquittal or reduction of serious charges.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

Because of the severity of these charges, it is critical to reach out as soon as possible to begin protecting your rights and building a case.

To discuss any aspect of search and seizure law and drug charges with one of our Des Moines drug stop defense attorneys, call 515-288-3333 or email the firm.