Hurt In An Auto Accident In Des Moines? A Skilled Attorney Is Here To Maximize Your Compensation.

We depend on automobiles every day to drive to work, school or other important activities. Many of us take this freedom for granted without thinking of certain dangers that go in tandem with hurried, drunk or distracted drivers. Just one driver’s carelessness or inattention can change a person’s life in an instant.

If you have been injured in a car accident due to an at-fault driver, you very likely have significant expenses like medical bills and vehicle damage. You are also likely out of work recovering from your accident – and not earning money.

Although an attorney cannot change the outcome of what occurred, a skilled attorney can help alleviate the financial pressures both today and in the future years to come.

I am personal injury attorney Michael Culp. At Culp Law Office P.L.C., located in Des Moines, I represent those throughout central Iowa who have been injured in all types of auto accidents.

My Approach To Handling Auto Accident Cases


I take pride in providing a high level of service to my clients. I know the stress, worry and wonder they often feel. I am committed to keeping every one of my clients informed during each stage of their case. There will never be long gaps in correspondence leaving my clients wondering what I’m doing or what stage their case is at. My clients will always be able to reach me with questions or concerns.

Will Your Case Go To Trial?


Many of my past clients have expressed concerns about whether or not their cases will go to trial. Many people are apprehensive about the uncertainty and public nature of a trial.

I can say that an overwhelming majority of personal injury cases are settled before going to trial. With that said, if the opposition is not willing to offer you the fair monetary damages you are entitled to and deserve, I will not hesitate to try your case before a judge and jury in order to seek maximum compensation.

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*My services are also based on contingency fee arrangements, which means you pay no attorney fees unless I recover compensation for you.