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OWI Charges Archives

Harley rider facing OWI charges after accident

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in Iowa and elsewhere around the nation. Some of the most avid motorcycle riders are Harley Davidson owners. Special gatherings among the network of riders are common throughout the country. Yet, regardless of the make and model of the motorcycle, no rider ever wants to be involved in an accident. However, a man from Thornton finds himself facing OWI charges after he was involved in a recent incident.

Man facing OWI charges in addition to others after traffic stop

Getting stopped by police for suspected drunk driving can be intimidating for motorists in Iowa. Officers typically question the drivers and submit them to field sobriety tests. These stops are typically routine in nature when a driver cooperates with the requests from law enforcement personnel. However, a Clear Lake man faces more than OWI charges after a recent traffic stop.

New legislation signed by governor regarding OWI charges

When someone is convicted of drunk driving in Iowa, there are a variety of potential penalties he or she may face. Depending on the number of offenses one has, the consequence may be a monetary fine or time in jail. However, a new law recently signed by the governor will impose a new penalty on those convicted of OWI charges for the first time.

Man faces OWI charges after traffic stop

Most drivers have been guilty of driving too fast at one time or another on the roads or highways. When law enforcement officials spot this behavior, many motorists are stopped and given a warning or a speeding ticket. One recent traffic stop in Iowa ended a bit differently when the driver was suspected of driving under the influence. He now faces OWI charges in Pottawattamie County.

New bill would require interlock for all convicted of OWI charges

Ignition interlocks are devices installed on the vehicles of people who have been convicted of drunk driving in Iowa or other locations in the nation. The device essentially requires drivers to check their blood alcohol content before their vehicles will start. In the past, the installation of these devices was based on the number of times someone faced OWI charges and the blood-alcohol concentration level. However, a bill has been introduced in the state legislation that would make the interlocks a requirement for anyone convicted of drunk driving.

Assault, OWI charges after woman bit officer during arrest

A hit-and-run car wreck led Iowa police to arrest a woman for driving under the influence. In addition to OWI charges, she is also facing multiple other allegations, including charges of assault on a police officer and drug possession. Police claim that the woman bit an officer during her arrest, and is currently out of jail after posting bond.

Iowa woman faces child endangerment, OWI charges after wreck

It is not uncommon for additional criminal charges to be filed alongside allegations of drunk driving. This can exacerbate a person's legal situation, making their criminal defense needs more complex. An Iowa woman is currently facing this type of complex legal matter, with OWI charges and allegations of child endangerment.

Woman facing OWI charges after accident

Police officers in Iowa and elsewhere around the country often investigate a situation after observing or hearing reports of potentially dangerous activity. In many stances, the police may be ensuring the safety of those involved in an accident. However, in some cases, officers may meet with resistance and discover alleged illegal activities. A woman is facing OWI charges after apparently failing to respond to police commands following a recent car crash.