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Divorce Archives

Prenups may help reduce tension in divorce

In Iowa and elsewhere, deciding to end a marriage can be stressful. It can be overwhelming to deal with the mountain of issues that may arise in a divorce. However, if a couple has a prenuptial agreement in place, most of the potentially volatile questions have already been resolved. Many couples have come to view prenups as a necessary part of wedding planning.

Divorce issues: Is getting a prenup the right thing to do?

Most couples planning a wedding in Iowa or in other parts of the country are focused on choosing their venues, selecting menu options for their receptions or deciding where to go on their honeymoons. They are likely not thinking about what may happen down the road if they decide to get a divorce one day. However, marital experts suggest that discussing how to handle things in the event of a split before getting married can be a wise move. In fact, many recommend that couples develop prenuptial agreements before their wedding days.

Growing number of couples over 50 getting gray divorce

Many Iowa residents and others around the country are in the Baby Boomer generation. They are now over the age of 50 and are heading into their retirement years. Statistics show that people in this demographic are experiencing a greater likelihood to get a divorce. While other age groups have seen a decline or at least a plateau in divorce rates, the rate for Baby Boomers is increasing.

"Gray divorce" rate increasing for adults over 50

As adults in Iowa and elsewhere around the nation get older, most tend to focus on their retirement years and how they will spend their time after they are no longer in the workforce. However, research is showing that many adults over the age of 50 are also pondering a change in their marital statuses. While other ages are experiencing a decrease in the divorce rate, the divorce rate for older couples is on the rise.

Talking about prenups early can help avoid conflict in divorce

High school graduates in Iowa and all across the country are typically looking forward to the next chapters in their lives. Many are getting ready to embark on new educational challenges at college, while others may be ready to enter the workforce. It is not likely that many of them are thinking about getting a prenup. However, some financial advisers recommend talking with young adults at this stage in life about the importance of developing a prenuptial agreement. They contend that having one in place when it is time to get married can minimize potential conflict should a divorce occur in the future.

More millennials wanting prenups, according to divorce lawyers

Millennials in Iowa and elsewhere around the country often tend to get a bad rap. Some cite their lack of work ethic or the fact that many seem to have a sense of entitlement as support for why this generation is not what it should be. However, studies show that millennials are more frequently taking steps to protect themselves and their assets should they get a divorce somewhere down the road.

Prenups in place can help minimize conflict in a divorce

Social media has played a major role in relationships and dating for Iowa couples and others throughout the country. In addition, views about marriage have changed considerably in recent years. Despite high marriage rates, divorce rates continue to be high as well, especially for second or third marriages. Given how widespread divorces are, prenuptial agreements are also becoming more commonplace.

Divorce does not always happen for negative reasons

Sometimes people can struggle with the decision to divorce, but the fact is that in some cases it can be a positive change resulting from growth. Some marriage therapists say that the challenges of marriage are designed to help people grow, so it is not surprising that this growth may happen away from the partner. Here are a few things people going through a divorce in Iowa should know about how therapists understand divorce and personal development.

New tax law may provide benefit to couples getting a divorce

Much has been reported about the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and its implications on alimony. Iowa couples who finalize a divorce in 2019 will experience some changes to the current structure. Alimony paid can no longer be deducted on an ex-spouse's tax return; however, those receiving it will not have to pay taxes on it. While this new scenario will not likely benefit either party in a divorce, there is a potential bright spot with the new law that has not been widely discussed.

Divorce issues: Make sure prenups are binding

Couples in Iowa and all around the country may choose to develop prenuptial agreements for a variety of reasons. One partner may anticipate an inheritance in the future and wants to protect it in the event of a potential divorce. There may be children from a previous marriage and a spouse wants to protect their interests and avoid contention if the marriage fails. Regardless of the reasons for creating a prenup, a couple going through a divorce likely assumes that such an agreement would help them eliminate any questions or problems about property division. However, experts warn that there are instances when a prenuptial agreement may not be enforced.