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Divorce Archives

Millennials may plan for divorce better than past generations

The mere mention of prenuptial agreements still ignites significant levels of discomfort in many people. For years, Iowa couples have tended to view prenups as divorce fertilizer or an indicator of relationship insecurity. Now, some experts say that millennials are embracing these agreements as a valuable part of their relationship planning.

Do I have to give up my inheritance during divorce?

Families use inheritances to pass down more than just money -- for many it is about continuing a legacy or ensuring that important financial assets remain within the family. However, divorce can throw a person's inheritance into question. While most people in Iowa might assume that their inheritance is strictly personal property and safe from the asset division process, this is not necessarily always the case.

About to divorce? Don't forget about your retirement

Life changes are inevitable and can upset even the most carefully laid plans. This can be a troubling realization for people in Iowa, especially as they deal with emotionally stressful situations, such as divorce. Many divorcees are understandably concerned about their future financial stability, especially regarding their retirement. Remaining alert and aware during proceedings can help individuals ensure that their personal interests are protected even as they deal with asset division.

3 social media tips to avoid unnecessary divorce drama

Divorce is painful, and discussing your experience with friends and family can help you through the pain. But confiding in a few trusted people over coffee is different from sharing all your details with hundreds of acquaintances online. If you are not careful with what you post on social media, you could start unnecessary drama and even create legal trouble for yourself.

Watch out for these tax changes after a divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, there are numerous issues that couples in Iowa or elsewhere in the country must address. While financial concerns such as asset distribution, child custody or spousal support are often discussed during the divorce process, dealing with potential tax consequences is not likely at the forefront in discussions. However, financial advisors recommend paying close attention to how taxes will change following a divorce.

Consider co-parenting after divorce

There are a myriad of issues to address when an Iowa marriage or others around the country come to an end. While many questions arise around finances and division of property, the focus changes quickly if a couple has children. Family experts agree that children cope more effectively following their parents' divorce if the ex-couple agrees to a co-parenting relationship.

The dangers of social media in the domestic relations arena

One of the first things I do when a person hires me to represent them in a domestic relations case is check out their Facebook page as well as their spouse and as the case moves along, any other witnesses who appear significant either for myself or for the opposing party. It never fails to amaze me the types of pictures and comments people will make on Facebook and other social media sites which can later hurt them when they are applying for a job or possibly trying to obtain custody or visitation rights with their children. Facebook and other social media sites are a great place to share things but are also fairly public. I remind my clients that even if they have their privacy settings turned up to the max, there is nothing to prevent the opposing attorney from subpoenaing their Facebook page, as well as other social media sites, and all of the posts that have been made to their page.

My spouse wants a divorce, now what?

While a lot of people give quite a bit of thought to how to get married, few plan for that moment when a spouse says they want a divorce. For most people, the declaration itself comes as no great surprise; however, that doesn't make handling it any easier, particularly if you were truly surprised. Here's some information to help make the process easier, or at least understandable.