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Criminal Defense Archives

Iowa man might seek skilled criminal defense after arrest

A 25-year-old Iowa man who is on probation in a neighboring state was arrested in Davenport in the early morning hours of a recent Thursday. The man will likely consider his criminal defense options after he was charged with a Class C felony that might put him behind bars for 10 years if he is convicted. Reportedly, the alleged offense of disregarding of a traffic sign ultimately led to the man's arrest.

Criminal defense:Mother says police lied about condition of home

An Iowa woman claims that police lied about the circumstances that ultimately led to her arrest. Facing seven counts for child endangerment, she is no longer in police custody and appears to already be focusing on her criminal defense options. She recently spoke out to the media about her arrest.

Criminal defense: Iowa man accused of theft

An Iowa man was recently arrested for allegedly carrying out a string of thefts. He is facing a laundry list of charges, including multiple counts of both second and third-degree thefts and a single count of fourth-degree theft. He is currently still in police custody in lieu of bond and may already be focusing on his criminal defense plans.

2 women charged for defrauding, criminal defense likely priority

An ongoing criminal investigation resulted in the arrest of two Iowa women. Both face serious criminal charges for allegedly defrauding the grandparent of an incarcerated individual. Since felony charges tend to be more severe than misdemeanors, a more vigorous criminal defense is often necessary.

Iowa State football player might be working on criminal defense

A junior football player at Iowa State was arrested over the Thanksgiving holiday. Brian Peavy is facing charges for interfering with official acts and fourth degree criminal mischief, although it is not entirely clear what led to his arrest. His place in an upcoming football game is also currently in question, as he might be precluded from participating in team activities while focusing on his criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Iowa man accused of burglary, theft

Facing criminal charges after a previous conviction can be a complicated matter. Defendants may face an additional charge for ongoing criminal conduct if they are considered repeat offenders, which can complicate their legal matters. A solid criminal defense foundation is often essential to handling such criminal allegations.

Welfare check leads to arrest, need for criminal defense

Welfare checks are usually performed with the intent of determining the safety or well-being of a given individual. For most people in Iowa, these checks do not end with them needing a criminal defense. However, one man is now facing criminal charges for allegedly possessing an illegal substance.

Iowa mother's criminal defense plans unclear

Charges for child endangerment were recently filed against an Iowa mother. According to police, she left the country while her four children remained at home without adult supervision. Charges involving minors are taken understandably seriously by law enforcement officials, and establishing a solid criminal defense can be crucial for either maintaining or regaining custody of involved children.

Iowa criminal defense: man facing multiple charges after chase

Being accused of stalking in the state of Iowa is a serious charge on its own. However, when it is only one of the charges someone is facing, the situation is even more dire. A Davenport man most likely needs to mount a criminal defense to fight the alleged charges against him following a recent incident.