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Child Custody Archives

Iowa child custody laws seek child's best interests

Family law legislation across the country is undergoing positive changes that promise to benefit families. Like many states, Iowa's child custody laws strive to provide a more hopeful future for the children involved by encouraging parents to reach settlements that are as equitable as possible. Understanding the goals of these laws is the first step in preparing to face child custody decisions.

State adopts shared parenting law for child custody cases

When an Iowa couple gets a divorce, there are numerous decisions that must be made. The ex-spouses have to discuss how money in their bank accounts will be divided, determine who will remain in the family home and change beneficiaries on insurance policies, among other activities. However, if the couple has children, the issue of child custody can quickly become the most crucial decision they have to make. Recently, another state took a step that will affect their child custody cases in a major way.

A good child custody plan can help with co-parenting

Parents usually need to work together to raise a child. When the parents separate or divorce, working together can be more of a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. By approaching the task with a cool head, a positive attitude and a good child custody plan in place, Iowa parents may be able to tackle the task of taking care of children while no longer being romantically connected. 

Modern child custody is not one-size-fits-all

Keeping the best interests of the child at the forefront is the hope of many divorcing parents. Families and the courts no longer tend to default to automatically granting full child custody to the mother and offering visitation to the father. Now, more Iowa families are analyzing their unique situations to determine what options work best for the whole family, while trying to minimize disruption to the child's life. 

Different types of child custody

Battle lines have been drawn and the end is in sight for the Iowa couple. Divorce can be a difficult process, and when children are involved, the process can appear to be more difficult. However, by keeping in mind what is in the best interest of the children and each working with experienced legal counsel, parents can reach a child custody agreement and shield the children from as much divorce drama as possible.

Before you seek a custody modification, read this

After a divorce, you may not have the burden of living under the same roof as your ex-spouse, but you are forever linked as parents. This means that the problems with co-parenting that you may have had during your marriage may not go away. As such, a frustrated parent may want to seek court intervention to set a troubling parent straight.