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Criminal defense: Man arrested on drugs and weapons charges

Law enforcement agencies in Iowa and elsewhere around the nation often work together on ongoing investigations. These operations frequently occur over a long period of time. Officers rely on tips and informants for information regarding suspected activities. Police recently made an arrest in Davenport following one such investigation, leaving one man in need of a strong criminal defense.

Officers from the Bettendorf and Davenport Police Departments had received information about alleged drug activity at a local apartment complex. Initial reports stated that a man was arrested at the facility following the police visit there. Supposedly, a vehicle was towed from the apartment building. Officers also evidently left the residence with a brown paper bag.

Subsequent documents showed that the man was arrested and charged with carrying weapons on school grounds. He also faces felony charges of trafficking stolen weapons and for possession of a firearm. The man also has several drug-related misdemeanor charges. He is being detained at the Scott County Jail as the investigation continues. Officers indicate that additional arrests are likely in the operation.

Facing drug charges in the state of Iowa is a serious matter, as someone's life could be dramatically changed if convicted of those charges. Penalties for a conviction range from monetary fines to significant periods of jail time. It is critical to have a knowledgeable advocate fighting on one's behalf to mount the strongest defense possible against any charges. An Iowa criminal defense attorney will work diligently for clients to minimize the negative impact on their lives.

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