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Talking about prenups early can help avoid conflict in divorce

High school graduates in Iowa and all across the country are typically looking forward to the next chapters in their lives. Many are getting ready to embark on new educational challenges at college, while others may be ready to enter the workforce. It is not likely that many of them are thinking about getting a prenup. However, some financial advisers recommend talking with young adults at this stage in life about the importance of developing a prenuptial agreement. They contend that having one in place when it is time to get married can minimize potential conflict should a divorce occur in the future.

Experts believe that the best time to begin a discussion about a prenuptial agreement is when a couple is dating. This eliminates the possible stigma of waiting to bring up the notion of a prenup while wedding plans are underway. If done apart from actual discussion of marriage, the discussion is more likely to be done without emotions running high.

It is vital to stress that prenups are not undesirable. Statistics show that the divorce rate is roughly 50 percent. Therefore, having an agreement in place can save a lot of turmoil if a divorce occurs. Also, talking about it in a non-combative situation shows that such agreements are rather commonplace and not a mystery.

One major reason for having a prenup is to safeguard a family's finances. A prenup would be critical for someone who would inherit a large sum of money. In addition, many individuals have a business or intellectual property that needs to be protected. Finally, discussing prenups early removes potential hard feelings or suspicions. The topics are focused on planning and goals, rather than a discussion of a potential spouse.

An Iowa divorce lawyer can discuss the advantages of prenuptial agreements with couples who are planning to marry. For those couples already married, a postnuptial agreement may be warranted. An experienced attorney will thoroughly evaluate a client's situation and help develop an agreement that will meet those specific needs.

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