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Probably not a good idea to admit theft without criminal defense

If Iowa police take someone into custody, claiming to have probable cause to make an arrest on suspicion that he or she has committed a crime, they may start asking the person they're arresting questions before they even get to the county jail. For instance, an officer might ask someone where he or she has been for the last several hours. Answering such questions without criminal defense representation present can be a bad idea, especially if prosecutors later file theft charges or some other criminal charges against the individual.  

One man who was recently arrested reportedly mentioned in an affidavit that he may have been the one who took a bag of money from a restaurant. He told investigators that he can't remember for sure, but it is, in fact, possible that the incident occurred. Such assertions could definitely complicate a defendant's legal situation.

This conversation supposedly took place after police arrested the 39-year-old man on suspicion that he was seen on video film taking a bag filled with thousands of dollars from the food establishment. He has been charged with second-degree theft. This is listed as a Class D felony in Iowa, which can lead to severe penalties under conviction.  

Many attorneys in Iowa and beyond would likely say that the man should never have admitted to anything without first seeking legal counsel. Even if a person says he or she might have been somewhere at a certain time but can't recall the details of the date and time, it may be interpreted as a partial admission of guilt. This is why it's always best to discuss one's case with an experienced criminal defense attorney before answering official investigation questions. 

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