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"Gray divorce" rate increasing for adults over 50

As adults in Iowa and elsewhere around the nation get older, most tend to focus on their retirement years and how they will spend their time after they are no longer in the workforce. However, research is showing that many adults over the age of 50 are also pondering a change in their marital statuses. While other ages are experiencing a decrease in the divorce rate, the divorce rate for older couples is on the rise.

A national research company reports that "gray divorce" or divorce among couples aged 50 and older has actually doubled in the past two decades. While divorce can be potentially stressful at any age, there are some implications for older adults that should be considered. When couples have spent a considerable amount of time together, there are likely more assets -- and even debts -- to divide in a divorce.

In most marriages, one spouse primarily deals with the finances. Should a divorce occur, the other spouse may now have to be dealing with information that is totally unfamiliar. Experts stress the importance of knowing about the family's financial situation throughout the relationship. While ending a long-term relationship is not likely something one anticipated, experts suggest looking at it as an opportunity to start a new phase in life. Someone may have a chance to start a new career, take up a new interest, travel or continue his or her education.

Divorce at any age in life can seem overwhelming. An Iowa divorce attorney can be a valuable ally for someone going through a divorce. A knowledgeable lawyer will work with clients to achieve the best outcome in the divorce proceedings.

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