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Prenups in place can help minimize conflict in a divorce

Social media has played a major role in relationships and dating for Iowa couples and others throughout the country. In addition, views about marriage have changed considerably in recent years. Despite high marriage rates, divorce rates continue to be high as well, especially for second or third marriages. Given how widespread divorces are, prenuptial agreements are also becoming more commonplace.

While prenups were traditionally reserved for wealthy couples, the agreements can be useful for any couple, regardless of net worth. The documents can address a multitude of topics should a divorce or death occur. Couples are afforded the chance to discuss a wide range of issues and develop an agreement best suited to their situations.

One common issue to address in a prenup is how the couple's property will be divided. Of course, this is affected by where the couple resides, as states have varying laws regarding property division. Most states, like Iowa, use the equitable distribution method while others follow community property guidelines. However, couples can designate specifically how they would want their property divided should a divorce occur.

Other topics to discuss in an agreement may include spousal support or child support. Child custody may also be addressed in a prenup; however, unlike other provisions, these wishes may not be followed exactly as specified. Rather, the courts will determine what is in the best interest of the child. It is also of utmost importance that each spouse has separate representation while developing the agreement.

Most couples who are in the midst of wedding planning are not typically thinking about prenups and how to handle things in a divorce. Yet, marital agreements can prevent much conflict down the road and should be strongly considered. An Iowa divorce attorney can assist couples in the development of a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage or a postnuptial agreement for those who have already tied the knot.

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