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Looking at an uncertain future with OWI on your record

You may think that you can drive safely after enjoying a beer or two, but the unexpected can happen. For example, imagine you are pulled over for a broken tail light. The cop smells alcohol on your breath, and before you even realize you could be in trouble, you are arrested for operating while intoxicated.

Now you begin to think about the consequences of OWI and how a conviction could affect your future.

Affecting your education goals

If you are about to apply to college, acceptance may be more difficult than you think. College applicants are reviewed carefully, and when you have an OWI mark on your driving record, you may be turned down. This kind of mark may also disqualify you for a career such as nursing or teaching that requires certification or a state license.

Making your job hunt difficult

Do you drive a truck or a company car in your job? You may find you are out of work when your employer sees the OWI mark on your record. Furthermore, when you begin looking for new employment, the recruiter will perform a background check. Once he or she discovers the OWI conviction, even if it is your first offense, you may be passed over for an applicant who has a clean record.

Raising your insurance rates

If your driver’s license has been suspended, you will need to show proof of insurance to have it reinstated. However, the OWI conviction may brand you as a high-risk driver. Your existing insurance company may either cancel your auto coverage or significantly raise the rates on a new policy. Either way, obtaining even the minimum coverage required by Iowa law will be expensive.

Considering consequences

A criminal defense attorney would remind you that if you are arrested for OWI, penalties can include fines, possible jail time and mandatory evaluation for substance abuse in addition to the suspension or revocation of your license and the points to be added to your driving record. Still, you could avoid legal entanglements. The next time you contemplate drinking and driving, you should consider the consequences and how an OWI conviction could affect your future.

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