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June 2018 Archives

Looking at an uncertain future with OWI on your record

You may think that you can drive safely after enjoying a beer or two, but the unexpected can happen. For example, imagine you are pulled over for a broken tail light. The cop smells alcohol on your breath, and before you even realize you could be in trouble, you are arrested for operating while intoxicated.

Iowa child custody laws seek child's best interests

Family law legislation across the country is undergoing positive changes that promise to benefit families. Like many states, Iowa's child custody laws strive to provide a more hopeful future for the children involved by encouraging parents to reach settlements that are as equitable as possible. Understanding the goals of these laws is the first step in preparing to face child custody decisions.

Prenups in place can help minimize conflict in a divorce

Social media has played a major role in relationships and dating for Iowa couples and others throughout the country. In addition, views about marriage have changed considerably in recent years. Despite high marriage rates, divorce rates continue to be high as well, especially for second or third marriages. Given how widespread divorces are, prenuptial agreements are also becoming more commonplace.

Divorce does not always happen for negative reasons

Sometimes people can struggle with the decision to divorce, but the fact is that in some cases it can be a positive change resulting from growth. Some marriage therapists say that the challenges of marriage are designed to help people grow, so it is not surprising that this growth may happen away from the partner. Here are a few things people going through a divorce in Iowa should know about how therapists understand divorce and personal development.

Criminal defense: Man faces charges after stop for bad tail light

Many Iowa residents drive their vehicles, completely unaware that one of their tail lights may not be working properly. They may learn that their tail light is defective when a police officer notices this and stops them. Often, a driver may receive a warning or instructions to let officials know when the light has been repaired. Unfortunately, an Elgin man may now need to mount a criminal defense for a variety of charges after he was stopped for a defective light.

Harley rider facing OWI charges after accident

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in Iowa and elsewhere around the nation. Some of the most avid motorcycle riders are Harley Davidson owners. Special gatherings among the network of riders are common throughout the country. Yet, regardless of the make and model of the motorcycle, no rider ever wants to be involved in an accident. However, a man from Thornton finds himself facing OWI charges after he was involved in a recent incident.