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State adopts shared parenting law for child custody cases

When an Iowa couple gets a divorce, there are numerous decisions that must be made. The ex-spouses have to discuss how money in their bank accounts will be divided, determine who will remain in the family home and change beneficiaries on insurance policies, among other activities. However, if the couple has children, the issue of child custody can quickly become the most crucial decision they have to make. Recently, another state took a step that will affect their child custody cases in a major way.

Many states currently advocate a shared parenting relationship, where both spouses have relatively equal time with their children following a divorce. In these situations so far, both parents are agreeable to the situation. However, the state governor recently signed a law that will presume that shared parenting will occur, even if both ex-spouses don't agree. Certainly, if there are situations of domestic violence, there are exceptions to the law.

Traditionally, courts tended to favor the mothers in custody decisions. This left fathers with potentially only seeing their children on a weekend visitation schedule and some holidays. However, studies have routinely shown that children who have both parents actively involved in their lives adjust more quickly, perform better in school and avoid harmful choices.

As more states may begin to adopt this shared parenting approach in child custody decisions, it is important to have guidance from someone who is well-versed in any changes to the laws. A knowledgeable Iowa divorce attorney can provide counsel to someone at every stage throughout the divorce process. An experienced lawyer will act in the best interest of his or her clients and their children.

Source:, "In Win For Fathers' Rights, Kentucky Says Judges Must Presume Shared Parenting In Child Custody Battles", Elizabeth Nolan Brown, May 17, 2018

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