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A good child custody plan can help with co-parenting

Parents usually need to work together to raise a child. When the parents separate or divorce, working together can be more of a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. By approaching the task with a cool head, a positive attitude and a good child custody plan in place, Iowa parents may be able to tackle the task of taking care of children while no longer being romantically connected. 

During the divorce process, parents typically settle matters of custody and support. They will know who is responsible for taking care of the kids and when. After these legal matters are settled, the parents then can use other skills to continue to effectively work together. Keeping a cool head and open communication are a must. Many people choose to approach the task like a business relationship to try to keep hot emotions out of the center. 

In fact, many successful co-parents try to keep children at the center. When parents focus on the child's best interests, instead of interpersonal conflicts, the child usually has better outcomes. By providing a united front in the presence of the child, the child respects the decisions of the parents and is less likely to try and take advantage of unhealthy dynamics. 

For many families in Iowa, the child custody agreement is the foundation for the co-parenting relationship. When the custody agreement is clear and fair, the two parents will have something to fall back on and refer to when times get challenging. For more help drafting the right agreement for their families, many individuals choose to hire an experienced family law attorney.

Source:, "Youth Alternatives: Making co-parenting work", Kayla Dixon, April 26, 2018

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