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3 bad habits parents should avoid during divorce

Divorce may mean the end of your romantic relationship with your kids’ other parent, but it does not absolve you of your post-divorce parental obligations. Cooperation between you and your ex-spouse is necessary while co-parenting during divorce to ensure your children continue to receive the love and support they deserve. 

You might not realize it, but you are a role model to your children. Though you might still harbor bad feelings for their other parent, it is important for you not to exhibit the following bad habits around your kids during and after the divorce in Iowa is finalized: 

1. Not being supportive 

It can be easy for you to become so caught up in divorce matters that you overlook your kids. You might not realize how unhappy they are or the fact that they are acting differently because of the changes and stress from your divorce. Your children’s needs should come before yours. By the taking time to listen to and talk to them, you can help them make a healthy adjustment. 

2. Mistreating the other parent 

There might be times when you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse might not get along and have trouble staying cordial. Work on keeping your personal feelings about your partner to yourself, or share them in confidence with a therapist or close friend. You should never mistreat or bad mouth your kids’ other parent when they are around or within hearing distance. 

3. Not letting things go 

Issues can arise all throughout your life between you and the other parent that make the two of you want to fuss and fight. Learn to pick and choose your battles so you are not arguing over trivial matters. Your children need you both to cooperate and work out your differences amicably to avoid adding more tension and conflict to the situation. Good communication, listening and negotiating skills are essential. 

You might find it beneficial to evaluate yourself and your interactions with your spouse, children and loved ones. Identify the bad parental habits that keep you from co-parenting peacefully and work on improving them.

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