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The different effects of domestic abuse charges

People have arguments all of the time, and sometimes those arguments can become physical. In certain cases, these instances may lead to domestic abuse charges

Whether the charges have merit or are the result of ulterior motives, it is important that the accused party understand the various aspects of the abuse charges. There are a few ways that such charges can affect the accused party moving forward.

Conflict with work

Court usually takes place during the regular workweek. For some people, this may require them to miss work, which may cause conflict with their jobs. Also, depending on the person's profession or company policy, abuse charges may be against proper conduct. In such cases, they could face disciplinary actions at work.

Financial strain

In many instances, the court will issue a restraining order in efforts to protect the accusing party. Since this prohibits the accused party from going near the accuser, it may cause financial strain. Especially in cases of domestic violence, the two parties most likely live together, so the accused must make other living arrangements. Depending on the length of the restraining order and the time it takes for the case to reach court, this may become an expensive situation.

Familial issues

In cases where the accusations are false or a party drops the charges for whatever reason, underlying issues may remain between the two parties. In fact, some form of domestic issue, such as a parent trying to gain full custody, may lead to the charge in the first place. Undergoing criminal charges and possibly facing strict penalties can be emotionally draining on the accused party, as well as those loved ones involved. 

It is clear to see the various ways that domestic abuse charges can negatively affect people. If it is possible, it is best to avoid situations where such charges may arise. For those facing the charges, it may be helpful to consult with a knowledgeable attorney.

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