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April 2018 Archives

Criminal defense: Man facing charges after initial police mistake

"Nobody's perfect" is a phrase often tossed around when someone has made a mistake. Certainly, mistakes are made in all walks of life. However, when someone has been accused of an apparent crime, an inaccurate account of events can largely impact the type of criminal defense he or she must present. An Iowa man recently suspected in one complaint now faces a variety of other charges.

New legislation signed by governor regarding OWI charges

When someone is convicted of drunk driving in Iowa, there are a variety of potential penalties he or she may face. Depending on the number of offenses one has, the consequence may be a monetary fine or time in jail. However, a new law recently signed by the governor will impose a new penalty on those convicted of OWI charges for the first time.

Divorce issues: Make sure prenups are binding

Couples in Iowa and all around the country may choose to develop prenuptial agreements for a variety of reasons. One partner may anticipate an inheritance in the future and wants to protect it in the event of a potential divorce. There may be children from a previous marriage and a spouse wants to protect their interests and avoid contention if the marriage fails. Regardless of the reasons for creating a prenup, a couple going through a divorce likely assumes that such an agreement would help them eliminate any questions or problems about property division. However, experts warn that there are instances when a prenuptial agreement may not be enforced.

How to deal with debt during and after a divorce

Many factors have to be deliberated when an Iowa couple decides to end their marriage. Child custody and support, determining who keeps the house, dividing up bank accounts and changing beneficiary designations are just a few of the topics that must be addressed. One significant area that may be overlooked is how debt should be handled in a divorce.