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March 2018 Archives

Criminal defense: Men facing drug charges after search of home

Being convicted of drug charges in Iowa could lead to some serious consequences, such as fines or jail time. Two Iowa men are facing several felony charges after drugs were allegedly discovered at their apartment. To get these charges dropped or reduced, the men will need to present a strong criminal defense.

Modern child custody is not one-size-fits-all

Keeping the best interests of the child at the forefront is the hope of many divorcing parents. Families and the courts no longer tend to default to automatically granting full child custody to the mother and offering visitation to the father. Now, more Iowa families are analyzing their unique situations to determine what options work best for the whole family, while trying to minimize disruption to the child's life. 

OWI versus DWI

Many people are familiar with DUIs; however, they are not the only charge that people may face due to driving intoxicated. In fact, an OWI is a more common charge in a few states, including Iowa.

Man faces OWI charges after traffic stop

Most drivers have been guilty of driving too fast at one time or another on the roads or highways. When law enforcement officials spot this behavior, many motorists are stopped and given a warning or a speeding ticket. One recent traffic stop in Iowa ended a bit differently when the driver was suspected of driving under the influence. He now faces OWI charges in Pottawattamie County.

New tax laws may lead to increase in divorce

There has been heated discussion in Iowa and elsewhere around the country about the nation's recently revised tax laws. There is much debate regarding whether the changes will have a positive impact on the economy. However, some experts anticipate that there will be an increase in the divorce rate through the end of 2018.