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Criminal defense: 2 arrested on drug charges

Iowa motorists may drive on roads and highways, completely unaware they have a taillight that is not working. When this occurs at night, police officers will frequently pull drivers over to let them know the defective light needs to be fixed. While some officers issue a citation, many drivers simply receive a warning and instructions to get the taillight repaired. Two individuals from Dubuque recently got more than a warning when they were stopped for a nonworking taillight. They now likely focused on mounting a criminal defense after drugs were allegedly discovered in their vehicle.

Officers from the Eldridge Police Department reported a sport utility vehicle being driven with a defective taillight in the early morning hours. When the police turned on their lights and siren, the driver of the SUV apparently sped away instead of stopping. However, the police officers eventually pulled the SUV over and searched the vehicle.

According to reports, police found 15 grams of methamphetamine under the passenger seat. Also discovered were a digital scale, a glass pipe and baggies. The 28-year-old driver was charged with possession with intent to deliver. He was also charged with failure to obey a traffic control device and careless driving. He currently remains in the Scott County Jail.

The passenger in the SUV allegedly gave police false identification, apparently to avoid the discovery of additional warrants for her arrest. She was charged with possession with intent to deliver and interference with official acts. The woman may be extradited to Dubuque County for other charges related to probation violation.

There are specific procedures regarding how police officers must conduct searches of private property. If these protocols are not followed properly, any evidence discovered in a search would not be admissible for use in court. When an individual is facing drug charges or other offenses, it is critical to ensure that any evidence has been collected according to procedure. An Iowa criminal defense attorney will work on a client's behalf to mount the strongest defense possible.

Source:, "Pair from Dubuque busted in Eldridge for meth distribution", Feb. 14, 2018

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