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February 2018 Archives

Criminal defense: 2 arrested on drug charges

Iowa motorists may drive on roads and highways, completely unaware they have a taillight that is not working. When this occurs at night, police officers will frequently pull drivers over to let them know the defective light needs to be fixed. While some officers issue a citation, many drivers simply receive a warning and instructions to get the taillight repaired. Two individuals from Dubuque recently got more than a warning when they were stopped for a nonworking taillight. They now likely focused on mounting a criminal defense after drugs were allegedly discovered in their vehicle.

Financial tips for women after their divorce settlement

Though the wedding day is meant as the beginning of a lifetime together, the marriage often ends sooner than anticipated. For many women, the decision to file for a divorce is the beginning of the rest of their life as a financially independent individual. Iowa residents who are at the beginning phase of obtaining their freedom may benefit from several financial suggestions that may help them achieve their goals.

New bill would require interlock for all convicted of OWI charges

Ignition interlocks are devices installed on the vehicles of people who have been convicted of drunk driving in Iowa or other locations in the nation. The device essentially requires drivers to check their blood alcohol content before their vehicles will start. In the past, the installation of these devices was based on the number of times someone faced OWI charges and the blood-alcohol concentration level. However, a bill has been introduced in the state legislation that would make the interlocks a requirement for anyone convicted of drunk driving.

Tax bill will have major impact on divorce deliberations

There has been much in the news recently about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and how it will affect Iowa residents and others in the country. One proposed change will have a profound impact on those couples who have decided to get a divorce. The new law will change how alimony is taxed. Therefore, the revisions will affect the payer and the recipient of the spousal support in different ways.

How do I know if I am ready for divorce?

If you are unhappy with your marriage in the Des Moines area, you might find yourself wondering if divorce is the next step. Though you have been with your spouse for years, your relationship does not seem as healthy and happy as it was in the past. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. Not all marriages will last.