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Iowa man might seek skilled criminal defense after arrest

A 25-year-old Iowa man who is on probation in a neighboring state was arrested in Davenport in the early morning hours of a recent Thursday. The man will likely consider his criminal defense options after he was charged with a Class C felony that might put him behind bars for 10 years if he is convicted. Reportedly, the alleged offense of disregarding of a traffic sign ultimately led to the man's arrest.

An arrest record indicates that police found the damaged car of the suspect in an alley after a pursuit. By following the fleeing man's footsteps, officers located him. Authorities claim to have seized ammunition, which they allegedly found on the car's rear seat before they located the man believed to have been the driver who committed the traffic violation.

Further allegations include possession of several plastic baggies and 29 grams of marijuana along with a blunt containing a further .35 grams of marijuana. Upon a search of the car, they claim to have found methamphetamine-laced ecstasy dosages and a pistol that was located in the snow when they followed the suspect's footsteps. Along with the traffic violation and other felonies, the man will now face charges of drug possession and trafficking in a state court, while the weapons possession will be a federal charge.

Iowa residents in similar circumstances who face felony charges typically seek the support and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A conviction on felony charges can have devastating consequences that might haunt a person for life. An experienced attorney will grasp the gravity of the situation and do whatever is possible to achieve the best possible outcome.

Source:, "Davenport Police: Man arrested with firearm and ecstasy pills laced with methamphetamine", Thomas Geyer, Jan. 18, 2018

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