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What not to do when facing criminal charges

Not everyone who faces charges for a criminal offense in the Des Moines area is guilty. For example, you could receive an OWI charge even if you are not legally intoxicated. Or, you could be accused of assault when you were defending yourself. Proving your innocence is not always easy. 

But there are things you could do that could cause you to end up with a conviction. Until a judge issues a verdict on your situation, it is ideal for you to stay on your best behavior. Here are two things you should not do when you have pending criminal charges. 

Watch your words and actions 

Anything you say and do until the time your trial is over may become evidence in your case. You may feel like talking to a close friend or relative about the matter so you can gain some peace of mind. But it is best for you to refrain from speaking about your ongoing case. Keep all details regarding the situation to yourself; anyone you share them with could end up having to testify against you. The only individual you should share them with is your attorney. Attorney-client privilege binds her or him to keep everything you say and discuss private. 

Do not be so quick to accept any deals 

In most cases, when a person is charged with a crime, there is enough evidence to support it. Most criminal cases often involve plea deals. The prosecution may offer you one that reduces your charges if you agree to certain conditions. Before you accept any deal, carefully review it and consider how the charge you may agree to will affect your life. The downside to accepting a plea deal is you are still pleading guilty. If the courts accept your plea deal, you may have a less harsh sentence, but you will have a criminal record. 

You may feel scared and stressed about your situation. Try to keep calm so you can stay rational about it, and consider the implications and how they can change your life. Many people who are in similar situations find it beneficial to speak to an attorney for guidance.

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