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Welfare check leads to arrest, need for criminal defense

Welfare checks are usually performed with the intent of determining the safety or well-being of a given individual. For most people in Iowa, these checks do not end with them needing a criminal defense. However, one man is now facing criminal charges for allegedly possessing an illegal substance.

An area school apparently became concerned when certain children were absent for multiple days, then called the police and requested a welfare check at their listed residence. When police arrived, the children were apparently not at the home. One man was at the home at the time, and he told authorities that it was his sister's residence.

Attending officers allegedly noticed that a lamp in the home had a leafy, green substance on it, which they assumed was marijuana. A more in-depth search of the home was completed, with officers apparently not finding much else until the man gave permission for his duffle bag to be searched. Police claim they found more than one bag of a powdery, white substance that, when field tested, turned out to be methamphetamine. He was then arrested and is currently still in police custody in lieu of either $2,500 conditional bail, or $15,000 without.

Facing a felony charge for fifth-degree possession, this is not his first time dealing with his own criminal defense. He was previously convicted for a similar charge in 2011, the consequences of which are not clear. Iowa does not handle criminal drug allegations lightly, and early preparations are often necessary for achieving the best possible outcome. For some this might mean fully fighting the criminal allegations throughout trial court, while others find better outcomes from negotiating a plea deal.

Source:, "Iowa man arrested following welfare check", Alyssa Sobotka, Oct. 28, 2017

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