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Millennials may plan for divorce better than past generations

The mere mention of prenuptial agreements still ignites significant levels of discomfort in many people. For years, Iowa couples have tended to view prenups as divorce fertilizer or an indicator of relationship insecurity. Now, some experts say that millennials are embracing these agreements as a valuable part of their relationship planning.

Data from the Pew Research Center indicates that millennials are marrying much later in life than previous generations, with only 26 percent of them having tied the knot. Although delaying saying "I do" seems to be a key feature of how this generation handles marriage, they also appear to be taking the process seriously. Rather than deny the fact that divorce is a real possibility, millennials are acknowledging that their marriage may end and preparing appropriately.

Prenuptial agreements are also important communication tools. Millennials tend to use these documents to map out how they would like their situation to be handled should their marriage not last. This might be especially important for this generation, as they tend to end unhappy marriages much more quickly than their parents, who generally tried to make things work for a longer period of time before reaching the same divorce conclusion.

Most people in Iowa can benefit greatly from prenuptial agreements. These documents provide more than just a rundown of each individual's personal assets, and can also provide clear guidance on how couples would like divorce proceedings to be handled. By addressing these topics when couples are still on good terms, the divorce process can usually be simplified and streamlined, making things easier on everyone involved.

Source:, "The Millennial Divorce", Nov. 14, 2017

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