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November 2017 Archives

Millennials may plan for divorce better than past generations

The mere mention of prenuptial agreements still ignites significant levels of discomfort in many people. For years, Iowa couples have tended to view prenups as divorce fertilizer or an indicator of relationship insecurity. Now, some experts say that millennials are embracing these agreements as a valuable part of their relationship planning.

Criminal defense: Iowa man accused of burglary, theft

Facing criminal charges after a previous conviction can be a complicated matter. Defendants may face an additional charge for ongoing criminal conduct if they are considered repeat offenders, which can complicate their legal matters. A solid criminal defense foundation is often essential to handling such criminal allegations.

Welfare check leads to arrest, need for criminal defense

Welfare checks are usually performed with the intent of determining the safety or well-being of a given individual. For most people in Iowa, these checks do not end with them needing a criminal defense. However, one man is now facing criminal charges for allegedly possessing an illegal substance.

Do I have to give up my inheritance during divorce?

Families use inheritances to pass down more than just money -- for many it is about continuing a legacy or ensuring that important financial assets remain within the family. However, divorce can throw a person's inheritance into question. While most people in Iowa might assume that their inheritance is strictly personal property and safe from the asset division process, this is not necessarily always the case.