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Iowa criminal defense: man facing multiple charges after chase

Being accused of stalking in the state of Iowa is a serious charge on its own. However, when it is only one of the charges someone is facing, the situation is even more dire. A Davenport man most likely needs to mount a criminal defense to fight the alleged charges against him following a recent incident.

According to reports from the Davenport Police Department, a 20-year-old man was having an argument with a woman he had allegedly been calling and messaging. Early one morning, the man apparently threatened the woman's life, then drove his truck toward her. The man fled the scene after he had collided with a vehicle, causing it to hit another one. Later that night, the man came back to continue arguing with the woman. He reportedly hit the windshield with a pipe and also rammed her car with his truck.

Police reported that the truck the man was driving was stolen, then spotted it the following day. When he was approached by police, the man fled in the truck. Reports show that the truck was traveling over 90 miles per hour during the chase. The man then crashed the truck into a garbage truck. He evidently drove away in the garbage truck after threats were made to its driver.

The man then crashed into a squad car and injured an officer who was trying to stop the garbage truck, reports say. In addition to the initial stalking charge, he has been accused of attempted murder, assault and criminal mischief. He also faces charges of operating while intoxicated, second degree theft and serious injury by vehicle.

When facing any criminal charges in Iowa, it is important to understand the gravity of the proceedings. A criminal defense lawyer can be a valuable partner in helping someone navigate the legal process. An experienced attorney will evaluate all the evidence in a case and verify that it has been gathered according to procedure. A strong defense team will ensure that their clients' rights are protected and work toward getting their lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

Source:, "Stalking case led to chase and crashes, including one that injured cop", Anthony Watt, Sept. 26, 2017

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