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3 social media tips to avoid unnecessary divorce drama

Divorce is painful, and discussing your experience with friends and family can help you through the pain. But confiding in a few trusted people over coffee is different from sharing all your details with hundreds of acquaintances online. If you are not careful with what you post on social media, you could start unnecessary drama and even create legal trouble for yourself.

If you are heading toward divorce, keep it as civil as possible by restraining yourself online. Keep these tips in mind, so you do not make any regretful mistakes.

1. Do not overshare

Whatever you post on the internet could exist forever in the form of a screenshot. This Forbes article recommends that you never post anything on social media during divorce that you do not want the whole world to know about forever. Keep the scandalous details to yourself or only discuss them in-person with a few close friends.

2. Do not bash your ex

While your friends on social media might be able to support you, you should not try to get them to tear down your soon-to-be ex. Not only will saying mean things create drama between the two of you, but it will likely cause problems among your family and friends. This is especially something you want to avoid if you have children who might read what you say online.

3. Do not brag

You might feel tempted to send a message by posting content showing how great your newly single life is. Avoid passive-aggressive posts, such as posting about your vacation, parties or your new fling. This will only add more toxicity to the divorce.

Social media is a great tool for connecting and sharing with others. If you used it correctly, it should not cause problems for your divorce. Just remember that misusing social media can cause needless arguments, and your ex may be able to use your posts against you in court.

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