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October 2017 Archives

About to divorce? Don't forget about your retirement

Life changes are inevitable and can upset even the most carefully laid plans. This can be a troubling realization for people in Iowa, especially as they deal with emotionally stressful situations, such as divorce. Many divorcees are understandably concerned about their future financial stability, especially regarding their retirement. Remaining alert and aware during proceedings can help individuals ensure that their personal interests are protected even as they deal with asset division.

Iowa woman faces child endangerment, OWI charges after wreck

It is not uncommon for additional criminal charges to be filed alongside allegations of drunk driving. This can exacerbate a person's legal situation, making their criminal defense needs more complex. An Iowa woman is currently facing this type of complex legal matter, with OWI charges and allegations of child endangerment.

Iowa mother's criminal defense plans unclear

Charges for child endangerment were recently filed against an Iowa mother. According to police, she left the country while her four children remained at home without adult supervision. Charges involving minors are taken understandably seriously by law enforcement officials, and establishing a solid criminal defense can be crucial for either maintaining or regaining custody of involved children.

Iowa criminal defense: man facing multiple charges after chase

Being accused of stalking in the state of Iowa is a serious charge on its own. However, when it is only one of the charges someone is facing, the situation is even more dire. A Davenport man most likely needs to mount a criminal defense to fight the alleged charges against him following a recent incident.

3 social media tips to avoid unnecessary divorce drama

Divorce is painful, and discussing your experience with friends and family can help you through the pain. But confiding in a few trusted people over coffee is different from sharing all your details with hundreds of acquaintances online. If you are not careful with what you post on social media, you could start unnecessary drama and even create legal trouble for yourself.