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September 2017 Archives

Watch out for these tax changes after a divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, there are numerous issues that couples in Iowa or elsewhere in the country must address. While financial concerns such as asset distribution, child custody or spousal support are often discussed during the divorce process, dealing with potential tax consequences is not likely at the forefront in discussions. However, financial advisors recommend paying close attention to how taxes will change following a divorce.

Consider co-parenting after divorce

There are a myriad of issues to address when an Iowa marriage or others around the country come to an end. While many questions arise around finances and division of property, the focus changes quickly if a couple has children. Family experts agree that children cope more effectively following their parents' divorce if the ex-couple agrees to a co-parenting relationship.

Woman facing OWI charges after accident

Police officers in Iowa and elsewhere around the country often investigate a situation after observing or hearing reports of potentially dangerous activity. In many stances, the police may be ensuring the safety of those involved in an accident. However, in some cases, officers may meet with resistance and discover alleged illegal activities. A woman is facing OWI charges after apparently failing to respond to police commands following a recent car crash.

Before you seek a custody modification, read this

After a divorce, you may not have the burden of living under the same roof as your ex-spouse, but you are forever linked as parents. This means that the problems with co-parenting that you may have had during your marriage may not go away. As such, a frustrated parent may want to seek court intervention to set a troubling parent straight.