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Terminating child support

May is an exciting time for many families with high school graduations, acceptance letters from colleges and, for many non-custodial parents, the ending of child support obligations. Many non-custodial parents are unaware of the fact that legal action is required to actually stop the process whereby child support payments are withheld from their wages. Often times they don't realize this is the case until one or more payments has been withheld from their checks which should not have been taken out. Getting money back from an ex-spouse once they receive it can be difficult; it's important to make sure that you stop child support in a timely fashion.

The process itself is fairly simple. Generally an attorney will review your Decree and verify that you're at the end point for child support. Child support generally stops when a child turns 18 and graduates from high school, whichever occurs last or when the child turns 19 even if they are still enrolled in high school. An Order is submitted to the Court which will terminate the Mandatory Wage Withholding Order; that order is then sent to the employer and the employer will cease deducting child support monies from your check. An additional step is sometimes taken whereby a party will ask that the Court make a judicial finding that they have paid any and all child support which was ordered under the Decree and their obligation should be considered completely satisfied. This can be particularly helpful if subsequent to stopping child support you wish to purchase or sell real estate or engage in other types of activities where a lien search will be done. If you or someone you know needs to have child support stopped, contact attorney Ryan Genest at Culp, Doran & Genest.

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