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Social media posts can be used to prosecute defendants

The Atlantic reports that police and prosecutors are increasingly using social media to track criminals. Using Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, police can find networks of drug traffickers or gangs. Some users have gone as far as to livestream their escapades, allowing police to have a clear picture of the crime. When it comes to driving while intoxicated, law enforcement might use social media to prove their case. 

Most people do not actually post a picture or status update that declares their intention to operate a vehicle under the influence. Instead, they might post pictures of themselves while they're at a party. Police can use this information to establish a timeline and show that someone was drinking heavily before an arrest. A social media post could even show that a person knew they were drunk before they got behind the wheel.

There are plenty of legal issues concerning social media privacy. Some courts have determined that there is no expectation of privacy when it comes to social media posts. You might have your privacy settings restricted to only your friends, but when your friends tag you in a post, people who are not your friends might see it. Deleting a post could be tampering with evidence, which could potentially add to the charges you face. 

Seek legal assistance to protect your rights 

An OWI has serious consequences, even for a first offense. You will lose your license and be subject to criminal penalties and fines. When you do get your license back, your insurance will almost certainly increase. The court may also require you to install an ignition interlock device on your car at your expense. 

A legal advocate can help you establish a strong defense to an OWI to find the best possible solution for your situation. If you face charges with an OWI, you should not delete anything on your social media page until you speak to your attorney about how to handle this evidence. 

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