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Preparing to Meet a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, you are under a lot of stress. The last thing you want to do is hinder your defense team by being unprepared for your initial consultation- this only results in a waste of precious time. By preparing yourself to meet with an attorney, you can improve your experience in the criminal court system.

First, your criminal defense attorney needs to know a little bit about you. Your lawyer may ask personal or business questions to understand your background. Also, he or she will need to know how to contact you. If you are nervous, you might consider writing down all the details that may be relevant to your case rather than trusting your memory during a period of intense distress.

Next, an attorney needs to see any documents you may have, including:

· Bail papers

· Copies of police reports

· Documents from the court showing the charges and next court date

· Paperwork left by police after a property search

You also should bring any other paperwork you believe may be helpful to your lawyer. In some cases, an attorney may want to gather information before the initial consultation by sending you forms to fill out. If you receive any questionnaires, be sure to complete them and send them to the lawyer prior to the meeting. You may also want to bring a copy on the day of your consult for yourself.

Talking to a Iowa criminal defense attorney

Before your attorney asks you questions about the events, he or she needs to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. You should bring a list of the following:

· Possible witnesses

· Police officers involved in your case

· Others involved in the case

If the criminal defense law firm represents any of these people, it cannot offer you representation.

You want to make sure you are ready to ask your potential attorney questions and get the information that matters to you. Bring a notepad or laptop with you to make sure your questions are answered and you can recall the details whenever you need.

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