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February 2017 Archives

The Legal Side of LGBTQ Relationships

Major recent shifts in Iowa legislation and case law have led to expanded rights and benefits for LGBTQ individuals. Now, the task lies in harnessing and taking advantage of that equality. LGBTQ individuals face a number of challenges that cisgender, heterosexual individuals have never had to stop and think about. This is especially true for personal issues, whether that be marriage and separation issues, adoption issues, estate planning issues, or name and gender changes.

Mediation Questions Answered

Family law issues are generally not open and close cases. Things are very rarely black and white. When families are in turmoil, emotions run high and people are willing to fight. That naturally will bog down a court system, making cases last longer and cost more.

Do hygiene products affect breathalyzer tests?

People have been trying to beat the breathalyzer test for many years. There is a myth that sucking on a copper penny causes a chemical reaction in your saliva to make you pass a breathalyzer test if you have been drinking and driving. There is no scientific basis at all for this claim, and today's pennies are made mostly of zinc. Do not try this. Another myth is that breath fresheners, mouthwash, or strong and stinky foods can mask the alcohol in your breath and lower the blood alcohol content (BAC) readings.