Unbundled Services

Sometimes you need the full services an attorney can offer, sometimes you don't. "Unbundled" or "Limited representation" describes a process where an attorney does NOT handle all aspects of a client's domestic relations case; instead, their services are limited to accomplishing specific tasks requested by the client. This approach is in contrast to the more traditional approach where the attorney takes care of everything from the initial filing of paperwork to concluding the matter with the entry of some final order or decree.

For the person who wishes to, for the most part, represent themselves limited representation can provide a valuable tool to accomplish certain aspects of the case many self-represented litigants may not feel comfortable attempting to undertake. Examples include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Drafting legal documents for presentation to the court, including petitions, child support guideline worksheets, financial affidavits, and final decrees
  • Appearing at court hearings
  • Assisting you in preparing for mediation, including appearing with you at mediation
  • Providing legal research on specific legal issues
  • Serving as a "reality" check for how likely, or unlikely, your specific goals are