Mediation is a voluntary process where the parties attempt to resolve their differences with to the need to go to court. Even though it is generally required in most family law cases, it's considered voluntary because there is no requirement that the parties reach an agreement.

Generally, mediation is ordered when the case is first filed. In a paternity or dissolution of marriage action parties may be required to attend mediation twice- before any hearing on temporary matters and again before the parties are given a final trial date. Mediation can also be required prior to most contempt cases going to court.

Mediation offers our clients a valuable opportunity to resolve their differences with their spouse in a less confrontational, expensive way. It allows parties, oftentimes with the assistance of their attorneys, to tailor a solution to their specific and unique circumstances and family dynamics, rather than have a Judge apply a cookie cutter approach to their case.

Attorney Ryan Genest is a trained experienced mediator with over 20 years' experience assisting parties in mediation and serving as a mediator. He helps his clients identify the specific issues that need to be addressed at mediation, constructing an agreement that is acceptable to you and your spouse or other parent.

Mediation Services For Self-Represented Litigants

If you and your spouse are representing yourselves attorney Ryan Genest can serve as your mediator, ensuring any agreement reached between you and your spouse will be in a format acceptable to the court. While he cannot offer legal advice, he can assist you in drafting documents in a court acceptable format. Please check out our unbundled legal services tab for more information or if you are prepared to take action contact our office and make an appointment.